Let me introduce you to these three characters: The little boy on the right is Scotty O’kee, a hand carved vent figure. Scotty likes to refer to himself as Del’s “right-hand man.” The little harebrained rabbit on the left is D.B., a vent puppet. The initials D.B.  Stand for “Dumm Bunny” and he certainly lives up to his name. The person in the center is Del Wilson, a Christian Illusionist. Del uses sleight of hand, optical illusions, and ventriloquism to entertain and share the Gospel with audiences of all ages. Del admits that before he knew Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior he was the “real” dummy in the picture.
     Here’s the answer to the question, “Which one is the dummy”? Del has known the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior for many years, so……...there are no dummies in this
picture, just a vent figure, a puppet, and a guy saved by God’s Amazing Grace!
When people see this picture of Del Wilson with his fantastic friends, they often joke and ask, “Which one is the dummy?”
Which One is the Dummy?
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