Del offers a variety of performance options and special programs. Therefore, he does not list fees on his website. For available dates and a rate quote for your particular event, please call Del at 918-639-2406. When contacting Del please have the following information ready: What date or dates do you need him? What is the event? What is the age group for the program? What time does the program take place? Do you have any special questions or needs?

            Delís creative ministries are based on faith and do not have a standard fee.
      Delís ministry is independent and does not receive a salary from any Church or other organization. Therefore, he appreciates your love offerings and honorariums as they help him meet the various ministry expenses and provides a vital source of income. However, we are frequently asked questions concerning financial arrangements. In response to those questions, we will give some suggested guidelines based on standards used by other traveling ministries of this sort.

     The hosting organization or church typically covers all travel expenses, the usual government regulated cents per mile, round trip miles if driving, plus lodging, and per diem to cover the cost of meals and other expenses while traveling on the road, or round trip air fare if flying. The hosting organization or church provides food and lodging while Del is with them.
Booking and Cost
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